Excalidraw and Project Fugu 🐑 at Google I/O

Google I/O 2020, like all the I/O conferences before, was planned as a physical event. But then the coronavirus struck, and I/O 2020 was the I/O that never was. In 2021, we had enough time to plan, so I/O 2021 was the first virtual event in the series.

The team outdid themselves and recreated the entire experience as a virtual game. As Ars Technica wrote, Google's I/O Adventure was almost as good as being there. To get a feel for it, here's the official teaser video. During the event, you could bump into Googlers and talk to them, almost like in the real world. Below, you can see a team photo we took at the obligatory lighthouse. Can you spot me?

Google I/O Adventure team photo.

Together with @lipis, I had the pleasure of giving a talk titled Excalidraw and Fugu: Improving Core User Journeys. You can watch the talk in the video embed below, or read my video write-up over on

I also created a codelab that covers a lot of the Project Fugu 🐑 APIs. You can work your way through it at your own pace, or if you want, re-join me in a virtual workshop session where you see me do itβ€”and run into some minor service worker caching issues… πŸ˜…

Google I/O 2021 was in my opinion a good event that worked OK enough under the circumstances and with the constraints of the virtual format. With I/O in the books, we're looking what to do when it comes to events in the future. Virtual, physical, or hybrid? The planning phase for Chrome Dev Summit 2021 has already started… Stay tuned, and always root for Team Web!