Working at Google for the APIlity PHP project

Being in the happy position of working at Google as a part-time contractor from Grenoble, France Google Ads logo as a Software Engineer and AdWords API evangelist, I would like to blog about the inside story of my work life. My current project is the APIlity PHP library for Google's advertising program AdWords which can be managed by a web front-end or, with the right tools, a lot more comfortable via the AdWords API.

The APIlity PHP Library provides an object-oriented way to easily access and manage the Google AdWords API from within PHP. This comes along with an abstraction from the SOAP and WSDL details.

At present I am about to add all possible geoTargets to the Campaign objects and thus giving advertisers all possibilities they need to advertise wherever they want.

In addition to that I am writing a test suite which will spin off the in-doc samples I have promised for a long time. This kills two birds with one stone or, as we less brutally say in Germany, hits two flies with one fly swat.

The Roadmap of APIlity as of October 14th is:
Support all geo targets (implemented)
In-Doc samples (slowly grows)
Use native GZip report function (implemented)

Dual Criterion/Keyword service usage (best out of both worlds)
Test suite for testing all functions

Migration from XML DOM-ing to XML parsing
Criterion service only (Keyword service will be history)
MySQL layer (something like a local DB cache)
Whatever the community suggests (well, almost whatever…)
See what the APIlity community says about this roadmap.

The opinions expressed here are my own. Neither my employer nor any other party necessarily agrees with them.