Do not modify the divine world order

Bonne Maman - confiture de châtaignesStrange products the world doesn't need

Usually I am immune against products created by food designers. In my divine world order jelly, jam and marmalade are made out of strawberries, raspberries, apricots and - well, fruits in general. There may be a long tradition of French people being weird, but I didn't know that it is possible to make confiture out of chestnuts (Kastanien, châtaignes). To be honest, it isn't possible. Bonne Maman, a French company who tried, in my humble opinion failed. They took 38 grams of chestnuts on 100 grams of sugar and when they noticed that it didn't taste very well, they added pure vanilla extract. So the outcome tastes like vanilla pudding mixed with a little caramel pudding. I keep being open-minded anyway.

This blog entry is ironic. I like French people, even when they are weird ;-)

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