8-Bit May Never Die!

Super Mario NES in-game screenshot

8-Bit May Never Die!

My parents never allowed me to have a video game console and I am glad they didn't. I still grew up climbing real trees and collecting real mushrooms. My hope is that I can educate my own kids without consoles, cell phones and stuff as well.

However, like all kids that didn't have their own NES, I knew some other kid who had one. So from time to time I enjoyed myself playing Super Mario till I fell in some volcano lava and had to pass the joypad over to the next kid (actually I think I never played any longer than 2 or 3 minutes…).

Today there is still a lot of stuff about the 8-Bit era around on the web. Low-tech music for high-tech people is a good example. But what made me really rolling on the floor laughing was the following Super Mario performance from some crazy high-school kids Really worth a click!. Also a must-see: the ultimate Super Mario Synthesizer (Flash).

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