APIlitAx 0.9.0 released. An Ajax GUI for Google AdWords

Screenshot of the APIlitAx Application
APIlitAx 0.9.0 released, An Ajax GUI for Google AdWords

Today, I am happy to announce the release of APIlitAx, an Ajax GUI for AdWords based on the APIlity library which allows you to very easily manage your Google AdWords accounts in an interactive and "multi-threaded" manner. APIlitAx is released under the BSD license. This allows you to use the application in your proprietary products.

However, APIlitAx and APIlity both being open source products, I hope that users will continue to contribute their ideas and extensions in order to make the two products even better. APIlitAx has a modularized structure, allowing new modules being easily added. Such modules might be a report generator, the keyword tool, the traffic estimator etc. If you are interested in working on one of these parts, just email me.

Some screenshots and a non-working dummy version of APIlitAx are available on the project site.

The application can be downloaded from SourceForge for free. Your feedback or any contribution is warmly welcomed (just drop a comment here, or use the forum).