REST Describe & Compile Screencasts

REST Describe & Compile Screencasts

The application REST Describe & Compile is an editor, and a compiler for REST API descriptions based on Marc Hadley's Web Appilcation Description Language, short WADL. In an earlier blog post this morning about HOWTO make a screencast on Mac OS X, I have described my way of screencasting, now it is time to show off the screencasts on my blog:

REST Describe & Compile - BBC API Walkthru

This is a real world walkthru through the application. In the screencast I use the BBC API as an example of a typical API as it can be found in the wild. This screencast gives the best overview on what the project is good for.

REST Describe & Compile - Introduction

This is the description of the REST Describe & Compile project. Here I explain the project goals and the project constraints. If you want, this is the project's specification.

REST Describe & Compile - Screencast

This is a screencast for the REST Describe & Compile project. The screencast covers the program's WADL creation and code generation capabilities, basically it shows everything the program can do.

I have created a YouTube playlist so that you can view the screencasts one by one. All videos are also available for download in Quicktime format:
  1. BBC API Walkthru (full quality) (31,5MB), low res (23,6MB)
  2. Project Introduction (full quality) (14,3MB), low res (12,0MB)
  3. Screencast (full quality) (33,3MB), low res (19,4MB)

In addition to that, having watched the screencasts, also make sure to check the REST Describe & Compile Live Demo. For interested developers: the application's source code is available under a BSD License. Hope you like the screencasts and the application! Looking forward to your opinions.