Back from parental leave, back to business

Back from parental leave, back to business

It has been quite some time since I have returned from my parental leave. Actually I have picked up work again on October 1st. The leave has been great, Laura and me really enjoyed taking all the time in the world for stuff like cooking, reading, going out for walks, and, of course, getting things prepared for the baby. Lena was finally born on September 22nd, and since then our life has completely changed. For the moment there is not much time left for being just the two of us, Laura and me. The baby is pretty hungry and seems to have a sixth sense for our mealtimes. So basically each meal there is this will she feel us eat or not? question, that decides whether we can eat calmly, or have to eat in turns…

*Anyway, being a father is the best experience in the world. You sleep less, but as the baby is full of energy, you are as well. It is one of these paradoxons in life. There happen all sorts of everyday catastrophes, but you just start taking things easier. We have read a whole bunch of literature on things like at what age should the baby be able to do what. But I am wondering, besides all these has to do checklists, when do you unlearn to watch things like the first time? Yesterday Lena was crying like crazy, but when I showed her the dragon we have made for her, she stopped crying immediately, and was just watching the dragon with wide open eyes, when it was swinging its wings slowly.

We have a small lamp next to her changing table. I have cut out a small green color filter, that, when you move it smoothly over the light bulb, creates a sun rise, sun set effect. I wish I could watch it again like her: she is just like man, this is light, green light, this is awesome.

As I have written above, I have taken up work again. I am a Customer Solutions Engineer with Google now. There is a lot of traveling in the first weeks, I have been to London, to Milan, and this very moment I am trying to stay up the night in order to leave at 4am this morning for San Francisco for a one week stay. Laura and Lena have gone to Laura's mom during that time. I could be partying, turn up the music as loud as possible, pour myself some White Russian, but all I actually want is my family back. Us enyoro :-(