Google Tech Talk on REST Describe & Compile

Google Tech Talk on REST Describe & Compile

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It has been online for three weeks now, but for those of you who have not seen it yet: on January 15th, 2008 I have demo'ed REST Describe & Compile during one of Google's Tech Talk sessions in the head quarters in Mountain View, California.

While the live audience in the room was three (3) people, the online audience in YouTube is way bigger, and there are already first promising synergies:
  • Joni Kähärä from Finland has started working on a code generator for JavaScript. His first thinkings are available on Joni's blog. While this is definitely a cool project, it raises a question that does not occur in other programming languages: due to the same origin policy JavaScript can just access files, well, from the same origin as the original page. In order to gain more freedom, a local proxy is the most common work-around (e.g. Yahoo's simple PHP proxy). I am looking forward to seeing Joni make progress on this. Great work, man!
  • The second synergy for sure is not because of the Tech Talk, but I wanted to mention it anyway: the guys behind the Web Service mashup tool openkapow now have WADL export for all of their REST robots. See for example the WADL for Babelfish translation. You can retrieve the WADL from their site, and then upload it to REST Describe & Compile, and have your code generated on the fly. Enters Mr. Murphy: this does not work with the provided Babelfish example, as some of the parameter names contain spaces. Seems like I have to handle this case in the code… I did not even think of someone assigning a name that contains spaces :-O

YouTube has embedding disabled for the Tech Talks, but you can watch the talk directly on YouTube.

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