Facebook Swarm NLP Chrome Extension

Facebook Swarm NLP Chrome Extension

Dear Facebook users,

Do you want to take part in a fun (well, at least kind of, the geek in you will like it) experiment? If so, please install the Facebook Swarm NLP Chrome extension, and just browse Facebook. That's it.

You will see that the main topics (more or less adequate) of your friends' status updates will be annotated. The overall goal of this experiment is to get a bigger picture of what people talk about on Facebook.

Oh, and as we are at it, you might also like the same thing for Twitter. I'm also interested to find out the main differences of people's Facebook conversations vs. their Twitter conversations.

If you want to support me, please share the links and with your friends or contacts.


Tom (@tomayac)

Facebook Swarm NLP Chrome Extension

PS: do you, too, hate Twitter's "Who to Follow" where it should be "Whom to Follow"? Now here is a way to fix it…