Next Generation Web Services Practices NWeSP

International Conference on Next Generation Web Services Practices (NWeSP 2011)

These days I'm attending the International Conference on Next Generation Web Services Practices (NWeSP 2011), which takes place in Salamanca, Spain. Together with Ruben Verborgh, I have two papers there, the first one is titled Adding Meaning to Facebook Microposts via a Mash-up API and Tracking Its Data Provenance, the second one is titled Efficient Runtime Service Discovery and Consumption with Hyperlinked RESTdesc, where RESTdesc is mainly a brain child of Ruben. The slides for the first paper can be seen below:

Universitas Studii Salamantini Font The conference's host city Salamanca is a beautiful town in the Castilla y León community. The old town was declared a UNESCO world heritage in 1988. What I specifically like about the city is a tiny detail. Most public and private buildings and even things like the municipal bike rental system SalEnBici all use a beautiful antique font: the freely available Universitas Studii Salamantini font, which historically was used for graffitis that were written with bull blood. So goes the legend at least.

Image source: photo courtesy of El Rey del Mambo, used under a Creative Commons license.