New top-level HTTP Archive Report on Progressive Web Apps

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As a follow-up from the Progressive Web Apps study from a couple of weeks ago, we're now happy to announce that we've landed a new top-level HTTP Archive report on Progressive Web Apps based on the study's raw data.

This report currently encompasses two sections: (i) PWA Scores and (ii) Service Worker Controlled Pages, which translates roughly to Approach 1 and Approach 2 of the PWA study mentioned above.

You can use this data for example to see the percentages of pages that were controlled by a service worker over time based on Chrome ServiceWorkerControlledPage use counter statistics. Good news: the trend is going up.

Percentages of pages that were controlled by a service worker

As a result of Rick Viscomi's new lenses feature, you can now also dive into the data in an even more fine-grained manner, for example, to see the development of median Lighthouse scores of just the Wordpress universe. Note that while there was a switch in the Lighthouse scoring algorithm from v2 to v3 of the tool, the chart shows the median score, which naturally is more robust in the presence of outliers.

Median Lighthouse scores of the Wordpress universe

Next steps entail also getting the data from Approach 3 of the study into the httparchive.technologies.* tables, so that we can allow everyone to run BigQuery analyses on top of these in a cost-efficient manner, without having to go through the massive (70+ TB) httparchive.response_bodies.* tables!

Big thanks to Rick again, whose guidance and leadership were essential to make this happen. We're looking forward to this data being put to good use.