Learning from Mini Apps—W3C TPAC Breakout Session

After my W3C TPAC breakout session focused on Project Fugu last year, this year, too, I ran a breakout session titled "Learning from Mini Apps" at the fully virtual TPAC 2020 event. In this breakout session, I first explained what mini apps are and how to build them, and then moved on to an open discussion focused on what Web developers can learn from mini apps and their developer experience. The TPAC folks have done an ace (👏) job and have put all the resources from my session online (and everyone else's of course):

General event recap

For being a first-time virtual event, communication went really well. It felt like everyone has learned by now how to discuss in virtual rooms, and Zoom as the communication platform held up well. While I appreciate the W3C team having made an effort to replace hallway conversations, I didn't attend any of these slots. It just felt exhausting to do those on top of 11pm meetings or 7am slots, apart from the "just fine" afternoon slots (the "golden hour" is actually super friendly for people in the EU), but time zones are hard.