Reflections about Project Fugu 🐡

I had the honor of being asked to contribute some lines to Jorge del Casar's newsletter called Estandarte. As you may guess from the name, the newsletter is written in Spanish, so I wrote my contribution in said language (which Jorge thankfully brushed up a little). Find the English translation below.

In the early days of Project Fugu, we talked a lot about "closing the app gap". We wanted to put Web developers in a position where they could implement anything on the Web that they could implement for platforms like Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, etc. We still want that, but we have changed our thinking a bit: instead of working down a list of APIs, we're now looking at what use cases this has enabled. Don't get me wrong, working down this list was essential, but it left developers a bit in the dark as to our actual motivation and priorities. To the external observer, some of what we released may have seemed a bit random. The opposite is the case: from the start we were partner-driven. Where things fell a bit short was that we failed to fully convey our vision to developers what this was all about: enabling Microsoft to release Visual Studio Code, Adobe to launch Photoshop, BandLab Technologies to create BandLab, and many projects big and small more.

Now with the initial batch of APIs done, our focus has shifted on refining and improving these APIs. Make them more ergonomic to use, be more privacy-preserving, and more complete in addressing the needs of developers. Be sure to read my recent article Is Project Fugu done?, where I go in more detail regarding our thinking there. My Twitter DMs and email are always open and I love hearing developer stories and feature your apps on the 🐡 Project Fugu API Showcase.